Bischof Gerhard Ulrich

Allowing Life to take its course and insisting on permanent change Gerhard Ulrich


Gerhard Ulrich and his wife Cornelia have been members of OW from the outset. Since 1982 they have regularly come to Pellworm as summer visitors. Gerhard has become bishop of the North Elbian Protestant-Lutheran Church in 2008.

Why are you attracted to Pellworm ?


Right at the beginning there were practical reasons: we wanted to get away from hectic life, enjoy enough room for our children, and not have to travel too far. We stayed with Uwe Both in his pension “peace of the sea”. Then we discovered Doris and Jeje' home. From that moment we haven’t been able to get away.

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Claus Zetl

We have brought politics to market Claus Zetl


Claus Zetl is a founder member of our association” Ökologisch Wirtschaften”. He was the chairman of OW between 1990 and 2006. Claus is one of the pioneers of organic farming on Pellworm, and today he brings organic products to various farmer’s markets, on the mainland and on Pellworm.


When you were elected chairman of OW, you were already the chairman of the Pellworm CDU (Christian Democratic Union). Did you dare take a risk?


I did. I took the risk. As a matter of fact the established politicians were rather sensitive to our ideas, true to the motto : “The greenies argue against everything, but they are unable to earn their keep.” I wouldn’t have risked to fall between two stools, if we hadn’t been backed by so many Pellworm islanders.

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