Eco-Week Pellworm 2020 online

 Rural going digital:  Pellworm Island - North Friesland – Germany - June 2020

    The island association “Ökologisch Wirtschaften” has gone digital during Corona crisis. Planned conferences and events were not cancelled or postponed by replaced by video conferencing and webinars. For many islanders and guests this was a new and exciting experience. At a time when connections and partnerships with other local projects and experiences, with experts, research institutions and political decision-makers are becoming more and more important and increasingly presupposed, for example in current national and EU citizens' consultations on the future of agriculture, nature conservation and climate change, we felt like making the big leap forward.

The digital agro-ecological week allowed our members and supporters on the mainland, to participate in all events without much travel and time, and also to watch lectures and discussions of all events afterwards. We have even reached people in networks and projects well beyond our region and even beyond Germany linking back up with associations and networks we are members of. Such connections will become increasingly important in the future.

Numerous working groups cooperating in the Biosphere project are also increasingly entering into the digital mode, linking up with other Biosphere groups, agricultural cooperatives or local butchers, as was done last year with a project in France. The digital world is still new territory for many of us. But, to use a familiar image in our region, it will soon become a solid foreland for new relationships and perspectives of which we should take advantage.

Despite initial reservations, the Pellworm week 2020 as an online event was a great success. Even if many people missed the direct exchange at the round table or the chat and beer with their neighbours, the exciting lectures and on line cinema connected everyone. All lectures are available for download and reading on the website of the association