Ready for a trip to an island?  Going on holiday on a North Sea island is of great interest to many people, seeking a relaxing holiday. As early as the 1930s the first “spa visitors” came to Pellworm where they wished to enjoy the peaceful nature, get to know the local people, and last but not least profit from the healing effects of the North Sea breeze.

Tourism has emerged as a vital economic sector. In principle everybody on Pellworm benefits from tourism: the local trade- and craftsmen, service companies, catering, the shipping company and farmers.
What is so special about Pellworm is the close connection between your vacation and the daily life of the island people. This makes guests come back time and again. Most of them remain loyal to “their” families and hosts because they have found their second home with them.
On Pellworm 2000 beds on average are rented to tourists on 80 days a year. Overnight accommodation is offered in holiday flats, guest rooms, in private homes and in farmhouses, boarding houses, hotels and a health clinic for mother and child.
Leisure time facilities are manifold and as they are organized by locals in most cases they are authentic. Nature protection, fishing, horse-riding, walking, hiking, and bird watching are just some aspects of the activity holiday that Pellworm can offer to its guests. You will find it hard to think of Pellworm without having its spa visitors in mind (view) and it is of great importance for the future of our island that we should maintain and promote tourism like we have done up to now.