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Pellworm wouldn’t exist without its dykes. The reason is that our wadden sea island lies up to 1 m  below sea level. The North Sea would flood the polders like a soup plate with each tide.  The reason why this didn’t happen over the last 400 years is not only the result of consistent coastal protection. The main reason is that so many islanders hold on to their island despite genuine threat and disadvantages.  Another reason is that they are critical of new ideas and keep a close eye on them to begin with.

The provincial government of Schleswig-Holstein for instance had a new idea.
In 1985 they wanted to proclaim the Nationalpark Wattenmeer (wadden sea) on the North Frisian coast.  The Pellwormers felt caught unawares. They protested against far-reaching restrictions for their fishing industry and farming.
“Nationalpark – No thank You  - Freedom for the Frisians”, was their device at that time. After Ökologisch Wirtschaften  had been called into life a few years later, they stuck their oar in the discussion.  We met to find a reasonable balance between nature conservancy and economic interests.

The members of Ökologisch Wirtschaften have since then supported initiatives that are suitable to make progress with sustainable subsistence strategy.
From the start promotion of organic farming and nature oriented tourism on farms were part of the initiative. We also focussed on local processing and marketing of food , the ultimate connection between the use of wind power and solar energy and consistent energy saving on the island. And last but not least we put emphasis on an amicable exchange of experiences and co-existence of different opinions -  an exciting experience for our island community and at the same time for our guests.

Our contacts with other islands and the exchange of sustainable development projects with partners all over Europe have helped us to overcome difficult situations. The occasional rough headwind that blew into our faces from the direction of government officials and representatives of past local councils could not harm us.

Quite the reverse! Its positive effect was that it helped us to develop new energies. The latest revised version of our energy concepts, also promoted through funds from the local authorities on Pellworm and the provincial government of Schleswig-Holstein has made it possible for all Pellworm citizens to cooperate.
We have learned to look beyond our own noses , beyond the individual interests of our association and our island. With the help of our committed members, our networks and also our experiences in other fields during the past 20 years we want to make our contribution: Pellworm must be qualified to meet the topical challenges.
Welcome at Ökologisch Wirtschaften!